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For over 80 years Harman's Luxury Log Cabins has been helping guests find peace, relaxation, and happiness in the great West Virginia outdoors.
We are offering a unique opportunity to our customers who stay with us for a weekend focused on your health and wellbeing. We have partnered with fitness, spiritual, and nutritional experts to give you that much needed rejuvenation for the mind, body and spirit in one of the most relaxing settings in West Virginia.

Fall 2020 World Wellness Weekend Retreat

September 19th & 20th

Join us at Harman’s to better yourself with fitness guru Tammie Scott and others this fall. Celebrate World Wellness Weekend in West Virginia’s pristine mountains while improving your overall wellness. Learn more at //www.world-wellness-weekend.org

The 2020 event is fully booked, but you can follow along and check back later for videos, photos, instruction and more.

The Harman's Fitness & Wellness Team

Experts to guide your journey to a better you

Each member of our wellness team is here to help our guests find the best version of themselves through mediation, fitness, and good nutrition. Learn more about our team of experts!

Carol Phillips

Carol Phillips has been at the forefront of the spa and wellness movements for decades. Carol has had the pleasure of consulting and working with Spa and Wellness Icons, such as Canyon Ranch Resorts, Miraval, Wynn, Encore, Hilton Worldwide, Waldorf Astoria, Rosewood Resorts, Gaylord Resorts, Sea Island, Glen Ivy Hot Springs, Grove Park Inn, MGM Hotel, and Exhale Spas. Carol designed the original prototype spas for Estee Lauder’s-flagship Origins Spa and General Nutrition Centres. Carol is delighted to bring her vast expertise to assist Harman’s Luxury Log Cabins in becoming the premier wellness destination!

Alana Neptune

Alana has practiced yoga for more than 10 years and studied in Rishikesh, India to become a registered yoga instructor. Specialized in Ashtanga, Hatha, Yin, and Vinyasa, Alana is passionate about merging mindfulness and movement.

West Virginia native, Alana Neptune, grew up visiting Harman’s Log Cabins. Alana graduated from WVU in 2015 with a degree in International Development, and has since lived in three different countries, dedicating her career to uplifting underserved populations. Alana is enthusiastic about empowering individuals to live with purpose, gratitude, and authenticity. She incorporates yoga into her daily life to create balance amidst instability and grace in the face of challenges. When she’s not traveling or practicing yoga, you can find Alana reading a book by a campfire, rock climbing at Seneca Rocks, hiking or running trails through the West Virginia hills.

Weekend Activity

Tammie Scott

Over the past 10+ years, from Texas to Virginia, Tammie has been teaching fitness classes professionally with certifications in Group Fitness, Bootcamp, PiYo, Athletic Conditioning, Upper body, TRX, Gluteus Maxout, HIIT, Indoor cycle and more.

Tammie was born and raised in California where she struggled with her weight into her early 20’s. She moved to Texas and after many failed attempts at weight loss through fad diets and gimmicks, she finally found a love for fitness and never looked back. She started going to the gym regularly, and thus began her decades-long journey into health and fitness.

In an effort to continue pursuing her passion to teach, she began offering classes online to her friends. Word spread, the interest in these classes grew, and ‘Fit with Tam’ was born. Tammie now teaches Live-Streaming and Video-On Demand classes through a paid monthly membership group on Facebook. In the end, whether in-person or online, Tammie’s true passion is helping people to reach their fitness goals whatever they may be.

Weekend Activity:
PiYo Class

Sacha Lively

I moved to USA at the age of 15 after getting adopted by an amazing family from Charleston WV and have a bachelors degree In psychology which unfortunately I do not use. For 9 years I’ve have worked on many international projects as a Russian language translator. My passion for fitness started when I was 19 years old after gaining happy 25 lbs after coming to AmericaI’ve tried pretty much anything and everything to lose the weight I packed on. Years of taking classes on nutrition and training I’ve finally found the balance.

I’ve been living a healthy lifestyle ever since, my personal savior has been bodybuilding…a passion for competing In WBFF bikini has been my driving force to always give my all at the gym. I don’t like using word “diet” because I believe it triggers our brain to think of word “deprivation.” I don’t diet, I simply follow a balanced nutrition plan. My current company that goes by “Mealprepqueen” started about 4 years ago.

I’ve always been a great cook, and had this passion to share my little creations and recipes with others, after posting countless photos of my daily meals, people started inquiring if I could make those for them….that’s how it all took off.We now produce over 100 meals sometimes more a week to supply folks around Charleston area with nutrient packed well balance personal meals. I have a continuous desire to make a difference, gladly enough I found that through cooking.

On this Wellness-fitness weekend I hope to be able to sit down and educate everyone about nutrition and how they can tweak somethings to help them to achieve higher results in either weight loss or just to simply feel better and share some tips and tricks on how they can mealprep for themselves at home.

Shelby Ruth

I am beyond excited to work with you on YOUR GOALS! I am the founder of projectRIDE, an at-home cycling program! I offer LIVE Rides 5x a Week, plus a recording library that continually grows! My purpose in life is to empower individuals to become better and stronger versions of themselves every single day. Because of this, I am also the Creator of ShelbSpeaks, a motivational & inspirational website to allow you to grow into your BEST SELF. No matter where you are at in your journey, THIS is exactly where you’re supposed to be. I am here to be your biggest advocate, inspiring you to rewrite your story with achieving YOUR health & fitness goals! Put your game face on and LET’S MAKE THINGS HAPPEN!

The truth is – it was never a dream to work in fitness. I have created my own brand called, “ShelbsSpeaks,” to continue the love and passion I have for helping others become better versions of themselves. ShelbsSpeaks facebook page allows people to find inspirational quotes, motivational passages, and a little something more to provide light in their daily routine. Working hand in hand with my brand, “EMBRACE the RIDE,” is an online Facebook page for virtual LIVE rides, as well as recordings for people to clip in and ride in their homes!

My purpose is to help people create and find better versions of themselves no matter where they are at in their journey called life. WE will make it through the hardships, the failures, heartbreak, loss, and all of the amazing things through allowing the mind and body to fully connect.

“Trust the Wait, Embrace the Uncertainty, Enjoy the Beauty of Becoming.”

Wellness Weekend:
Run and/or Wilderness Hike

Sean Farjadi

Life Coach since 2008 his impact on colleagues at work and as a team lead is constantly recognized by leadership. He is also the founder and host of the “Stories that Empower” podcast, where he’s interviewed more than 200 guests.

Sean Farjadi, an IT Professional, who commutes daily from the Washington, DC suburbs to the capital, knows too well the importance of self care. He does this by practicing mindfulness, gratitude and spending time in nature. Sean inspires and motivates those that have experienced a setback or challenge in their lives.

Weekend Event
Meditative Walk and Fireside Chat.

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