Rules, Regulations, and Policies

Harman's Luxury Log Cabins

The following Rules, Regulations, and Policies are being published at each property. It is the responsibility of the registered guest to take all reasonable steps to see that members of his/her family or other occupants adhere to the rules, regulations, and policies.

Maximum Occupancy

Exceeding the maximum occupancy on cabins increases burden of water and sewer systems, as well as furniture and the overall property.  The health department set the number of people per cabin to meet standards.   Do not exceed the maximum occupancy.

Exceeding the maximum occupancy for each cabin is strictly prohibited.  Children under 5 can be excluded from the maximum number of people in some cabins.  If approval to exceed the maximum occupancy for children under 5 is granted by management additional charges may apply.

Exceeding the maximum occupancy without prior approval can result in the additional guests being asked to leave the property.

Check-in: 4 PM
Check-out: 11 AM

No pets are permitted on the main property or cabins (except cabin #19).  If a guest is found with a pet, the guest will be asked to leave the property with the pet.  

Cleaning Fee $250.00.
Cabin 19 – Pet Haven (Additional Policies)

No smoking permitted in cabin

Additional cleaning cost of $250.00

Disruptive Behavior

All guests will be asked to stop disruptive behavior.  After an initial warning, a second occurrence the guest will be ask leave the property. 

What is disruptive behavior?
Any loud noise or music, especially after 9PM, impacting other guests ability to enjoy the peace and quiet of the property is not acceptable. 

Any abuse of alcohol, drug usage, or loud profanity does not match our family friendly environment.  

FISHING – Rules and Regulations

Catch and Release Fishing Only
Guest will be evicted without refund.

  • Barbless hooks only – warning/reminder
  • Must have a net to land trout (especially large trout)
  • No treble hooks (3 hooks on lure)
  • Single hook only
  • No multiple hook artificial lures (single hook)
  • All must have a Harman’s permit when fishing at the stream.
  • If a trout is hooked deep, cut the line to save the trout.

Center Pin fishing

After careful consideration Center Pin Fishing is NOT allowed at Harman’s.  We understand both the spinning and fly fishing techniques very well.   These are very effective for catching trout, but the ‘amount of stream used is not fair to other fishermen on property’.    We appreciate the passion of Center Pin fisherman and would love to accommodate all types of fishing techniques,  but cannot.

Fly Fishing Only 

All stream above the rock cliff at Cabins 15 has been designated as Fly Fishing ONLY.   Fly Fishing Only Signs are on the portion of the river.  No one can go above this section to catch can keep trout, then enter Harman’s property with those trout. 

 Thank you for your cooperation!

FISHING No Longer Free to Customer ($8 per guest per stay)

Our private access to trophy trout fishing is no longer provided “free to a Customer at Harmans”. In 2023 a minimal fee will be charged for a permit. 

Our fishing service is not guaranteed, bad water conditions can occur. Any higher water event is bad weather event is considered an “Act of God”.  Lodging refunds are not given for bad water or weather conditions.  Harman’s Log Cabin’s price of lodging is fair and reasonable for the lodging provided as a standalone fee.

No Bait Fishing allowed

Power bait, worms, corn, salmon eggs, minnows or other bait may NOT be used at this property. Only artificial spinning lures or approved artificial lures may be used. Use of barbless hooks ONLY or flatten barb on hooks with pliers.

Only Guests may Fish/All must have a permit

Warning: All property from the entrance of the Harman’s upstream is managed as a private Catch and Release area for Harman’s NFC guests only.

There is NO access to any upstream property for catch and keep fishing. All fish must be released immediately


Cash, WV only check, American Express, Mastercard, Visa & Discover.


At the time of a reservation request, a deposit will be required. The deposit will be 50% of the total cost of the reservation. The balance due for the entire reservation will be required at check-in. Written confirmation will be mailed to you with directions to the cabins.


  1. If your cancellation occurred 30 days or more prior to your arrival date, we offer a refund of your deposit less $25.00 for each cabin reserved.
  2. If your cancellation occurred less than 30 days prior to your arrival date, your deposit will be forfeited. We do offer a refund of your deposit less $25.00 booking fee for each cabin reserved with the additional requirement that the accommodations re-rent for the entire period of reservation.
  3. If your cancellation is less than 7 days, no refunds unless a death in the immediate family.
  4. If you are a “no show”, no refunds. We reserve the right to charge for the full stay.

Inclement Weather Cancellations

We do not refund for cancellations due to inclement weather, unless West Virginia declares a state of emergency and has travel restrictions for our local area/region.  West Virginia Rt. 55/28 must be under travel restriction(s) and the travel restriction(s) must include Grant County, WV for a refund to be considered.

Rt. 55/28 services ski resorts to the west, which are rarely closed. The private cabin roads are serviced during winter months, by our staff for our customers.

Note: For wedding and corporate events, a cancellation must occur 90 days or more prior to your arrival date or the deposit(s) will be forfeited.
Note: If you want to modify or change dates for a booking, cancellations policies apply.

House Cleaning

Limited House Keeping Services may be provided at no charge. This consists of supplying fresh towels, remaking beds, removing trash and property inspection. Request should be made at the office.

Staff and Management Access

Members of staff and management may enter the premises for the purpose of inspection and verification of maximum occupancy at anytime.

Lost & Found

If you leave an item (s) at the cabins and you want it returned there will be a $20.00 service fee plus the cost for shipping the item. You will need to supply us with a credit card to charge.


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