Harman's Luxury Log Cabins

A Lifetime Of Memories

For three generations, Harman's Luxury Log Cabins has delighted guests and furnished long-lasting memories for families and visitors. And we strive to continue this opportunity for you and your family.

A black and white portrait of the Harman children

In 1939 Fred and Thera Mae Harman started North Fork Cabins as well as their family in Cabin #1.  While living in Cabin #1, they rented log cabin #2 thru Cabin #8.  During the next 10 years, their family grew as they lived in Cabin #1. Their children Peggy Lou, Nancy Lee, Penny Lynn and Fred Jr were all born in the at the cabins.

In 1949 Fred, Thera Mae and their children outgrew Cabin #1. The Harman family moved into their new home overlooking Hopeville Canyon and the cabins.  Cabin #1 was booked for the first time June 1941. We still have the record book reminding us our family’s history in Cabin #1.

A Rustic West Virginia Vacation

After an early passing of both Fred and Thera Mae in 1971, Penny Harman began managing operations of the cabins. The cabins were rented daily and weekly to families and fisherman. At the end of their West Virginia vacation many customers would book the same week the following year.

During the next few years, the cabins underwent many major improvements. At the back of the cabin property a common use co-ed shower facility was constructed. The shower facility cut down on the number of public baths taken at the “fishing hole.” Eventually, indoor showers were constructed in each cabin, electric or gas stoves replaced antique 3 burner gas hot plates.

During the winter months, “tin” stoves or a fireplace heated the cabins. In the summer months, breezes through screen porches, doors and windows cooled the cabins. Harman’s was a rustic West Virginia family vacation spot.

The Neptune Years

During the late 1970s and early 1980’s, Fred and Todd were spending most days, enjoying the property ask kids.  Fishing, swimming, hiking and nightly campfires, where days were full of adventure, fun and laughter.   

Harman’s daily and weekly reservations were converted to annual leases. The following families leased the cabins annually for the next few years: Neptune, Haugh, Phillips, Stanley, Robinson & Phares. 

In November 1985 the great flood of West Virginia forever changed the Harman’s property. The  flood destroyed cabins, land, trees and huge rocks, which had been part of the property for 100s of years. The flood of ’85’ was devastating. 

Harman’s and customer’s lost so much.  Old growth trees, huge rocks and many acres of property as well as all cabins, except cabin #3 were lost.  As seen today, the 1985 floodwaters reached the top of the block wall between Cabin #1 and Cabin #2. 

After the 1985 flooding, these family continued to come to Harman’s and leased for another 10 years.  These were the glory days, where customers, become mentor’s, lifelong friends and eventually family.  We cherish the years and all of these special families.

Beginning of Luxury Log Cabins

In October 1995 we committed to building a luxury log cabin resort.  Its started by destroying cabin #3 by fire. It had stood for over 50 years, so many memories cherished forever.

From October 1995 to May 1996, Fred Roby managed a log cabin construction crew building three new log cabins, which are Cabin 1, 2, & 3.  All three cabins were rented their first weekend of availability to the Harman wedding party.

The marriage ceremony of Angelina and Todd Harman was performed on the deck overlooking the North Fork River May 18, 1996.

Hopeville Canyon Log Cabin Expansion

On September 3, 2000 owner’s Fred Roby & Todd Harman waded across the North Fork River to begin planning for an expansion into Hopeville Canyon.  On the planning trip road construction, cabin layout and bridge location were discussed. After the trip, a picture of the expansion was quickly sketched to capture the dream.

The Hopeville Canyon construction started the Summer of 2001 with bridge construction finished in September. Seven new luxury log cabins were delivered in November.  Fred Roby and a construction crew worked thru the winter months to complete our newest luxury log cabins. 

The Hopeville Canyon section of Harman’s consisting of cabins 9 – 15 opened for customers March 2002.  Harman’s Hopeville Canyon section further expanded the small log cabin business closer to the future dreams.

Private Trophy Trout Stream

Harman’s expansion into Hopeville Canyon created a new opportunity.  The private bridge and additional stream frontage created concerns with WV DNR stocking as well as public access, so we made the the decision to privately stock Hopeville Canyon.  Since 2002 Harman’s has invested in the fishery and provided private stream access for our customer.

To the top of Hopeville Canyon Overlook  Expansion

Our expansion into North Fork Mountain started with Cabin’s #16 and continues today.  Our our two biggest cabins #16, 20 are on the road to the top of the mountain.   In 2019 0ur latest cabin #21 was completed.  It is the latest cabin finished in our climb to the Hopville Canyon Overlook. 

As we continue to build on the dreams with our Hopeville Canyon expansion, we will build multiple smaller cabins in strategic places to increase our wilderness outdoor experience.  Treehouses and pools are now part of the consideration as well as pavilions with outdoor kitchens and entertainment space(s).   

Our dreams continue to become accomplishments as we rethink initial goal, which will consist of a luxury log lodge on the Hopeville Canyon overlook. 

As our journey continues, it is important for the Harman Family to celebrate our small and large accomplishments.   Our most recent celebration was another Harman family wedding.   On October 3, 2020 Fred Harman’s great grand son, Fred Harman Roby married Kayla Weiser at the deck build 25 years ago. 

2021 Celebration 

In 2021, Penny Harman has 50 years of owning Harman’s, and Todd Harman has 25 years as managing Owner.  As we discuss daily operations and long term dreams, often our vision of the future differs.  Mother and Son are constantly at odds on pace of growth and future development.  But we always agree on the following, we have been given a special spot in Hopeville Canyon, everyday it deserves our best. 

Our Customers

Once a 100% West Virginia customer base, today our customers include international travelers, West Virginians as well as all states in the USA.   As we focus on our future dreams, we must continue to focus on our customers. 

Harman’s is a magical place.  While staying at Harman’s, our customers should be creating memories of a life time.

May God bless you and your family as He has blessed ours.

Family getting ready to go water tubing in West Virginia.


My husband and I took our 4 kids on a vacation to Harman's Cabins. We stayed in the first cabin and it was very nice and clean. It was stocked with everything we needed. We took the kids to the nearby caves to explore (Seneca Caverns and Smoke Hole Caverns) We had a great time and are planning on going back.

Casey - TripAdvisor

My family and I have stayed at a few different cabins at Harman's. We have never been disappointed. It is so relaxing and quiet. We are already planning a trip for next year. I would highly recommended Harman's

Becky - Trip Advisor

Great Cabins, Beautiful scenery, & great fly fishing. My 2nd time and plan to return. Staff is really freindly. Cabins are very clean. Very quite property and saw lots of wild life including a bald eagle 2 mornings in a row.

Stem - Trip Advisor


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