Frequently Asked Questions

All You Need For A Great Cabin Vacation

A vacation getaway to Harman's Luxury Log Cabins can create a lot of questions. What amenities are available? What dining options are around? What supplies do you need to bring? We've helped guests for decades and have answered just about every question you may have. If you have a question we have not answered, please contact us.

What type of coffee pots are in the cabins?

There is a Mr. Coffee pot in each cabin, though we do not provide the coffee or the round filters.  Each cabin also has a Keurig machine ready for your favorite brew.  Please note that guests are responsible for providing their own coffee.


What is your policy on lost and found items?

If guests leave an item(s) at the cabins and want it returned, there will be a $20 service fee plus the cost of shipping. You must supply us with a credit card to charge.

What is the difference between an indoor Jacuzzi and an outdoor hot tub?

All indoor Jacuzzis are similar to large bathtubs with jets. Water must be filled each time it is used and the temperature is dependent on the hot water heater and hot water consumption used in the cabin during your visit. An outdoor hot tub is filled with water at all times.  The water is treated with chemicals like a swimming pool and has a heater to consistently heat the water.  Our hot tubs are monitored by trained staff before each check-in and after each check-out. All hot tubs have locks on the hot tub covers provided by The Cover Guy

Do you have a pool?

No. But guests can swim, inner tube, raft, or canoe in the river at the cabins. Warning:  No lifeguard is provided.  Guests must swim at their own risk.  

Are there restaurants nearby?

The closest restaurant is 5 miles away. There are other restaurants and fast food in Petersburg (12 miles), Seneca Rocks (12 miles), and Moorefield (25 miles).  

Are there grocery stores nearby?

  • 12 miles - Petersburg, WV  - Shop N Save
  • 25 miles - Moorefield, WV - Wal-Mart.

What is your actual physical mailing address?

Our mailing address is: 10042 North Fork HWY, Cabins, WV, 26855. Please note: GPS and MapQuest can provide incorrect directions to this address. We advise you to use directions located on our website under the location link.

Do I need to bring my own firewood?

Firewood is sold at our Gift Shop.

Do wireless phones work in the area?

Wireless phones can connect to our property guest WIFI to receive or send calls at the main property.   Your phone will lose service about 5 miles east of the property near Petersburg,WV.  As soon as you enter the property you will be able to access our WIFI/Internet services to send and receive messages, as well as phone calls.  IN 2021 Harman's upgraded internet access on property we provide 12 MB to guest with a minimal charge.  If a faster service is needed, we can increase service to 1GB. 

What do you have at your gift shop?

We sell general personal supplies like shampoo, toothbrushes, and hairdryers. Cleaning supplies like dish soap and laundry detergent. Food supplies like paper plates, paper towels, condiments, ice, coffee, water, ice cream, and candy, and souvenirs. We also sell firewood.

FISHING - As of 2023, no longer free to guest

Our private trophy trout fishing is no longer provided "free to our lodging guests".   A permit is needed, and a fee for the permit is needed.  This service is not guaranteed.  Bad water conditions and both high and low water can occur.  These are considered "Acts of God" and out of our control. Refunds are not given for bad water conditions. The price of lodging is fair and reasonable for the lodging provided as a standalone fee.  

What fly fishing supplies do you have?

You can purchase:
  • Sims Waders, Fishpond, Umpqua, Rio, Temple Fork Fly Rod Chronicle Rod
  • Dry/Wets Flies, leaders, fly fishing supplies, fishing nets
  • Fly rod rentals, Temple Fork Fly Rod/Reels Combo packs for purchase
  • Spinning reels rentals, Casto spinners (single hook), trout magnets

Where can I purchase a WV fishing license?

We recommend purchasing online at before your arrival. Most customers typically purchase a daily license when purchasing.  Other nearby locations are the Smoke Hole Caverns (2 miles) or Central Tie & Lumber (9 miles).  

Do I need a WV fishing license?

Yes. You will need a WV fishing license, a trout stamp, and conservation stamp.

What are your fishing rules?

  • Catch and Release Only
  • Single Hook Barbless hooks only
  • Must have a net to land trout, especially for our large trout
  • Artificial lures only
  • No treble hooks (3 hooks on lure)
  • No multiple hook artificial spinning lures (single hook only)
  • No live bait, power bait, salmon eggs, corn, baits with scent
  • Fishing guests must have a Harman's permit when fishing at the stream
  • If a trout is hooked deep, cut the line to save the trout
  • No Centrepin fishing (although a acceptable way to trout fish, the excessive line and stream coverage can interfere with other fisherman)

Can we fish with live bait? Treble hooks? Barbed hooks?

No.  Live bait, treble hooks (3 hooks on a lure), and barbed hooks cannot be used.

Can we keep the fish we catch?

No you may not keep trout caught at the property. All trout caught on the private stream access must be released immediately per our catch and release rules.

Can a single day fishing permit be purchased for an outside guest?

Yes.  A fishing permit for a single day of fishing can be purchased.   The fee is based on season and can vary.  Please contact the office for availality and fee for the day.  The maximum number of daily fishing fee guests is 2 on the weekends and 4 during the midweek.  

Can an outside non-lodging guest fish the property?

NO Outside guests visiting a cabin lodging guest is allowed to fish.  A daily fishing fee of $100 (with tax included) per person per day with advance reservations and approval required for non lodging guest. The maximum number of daily fishing fee guests is managed on a daily basis for both weekends and midweek.

Can fishing guests stay late?

Unless a partial day fishing fee or late checkout fee is paid, fishing guests cannot stay past the 11 AM checkout time. Fees are $50 per guest. This will be managed on a per request basis.

Can fishing guests arrive early?

Fishing guests cannot fish on the property before check-in. Fishing guests must check-in at the office to receive permits before fishing. The earliest time for check-in is 1 PM. 

Are all the riverside log cabins along the river or riverfront?

Yes.  Distances from our individual cabins to the North Fork River are listed below:
  • Cabin #1 is 100 feet
  • Cabin #2 is 160 feet
  • Cabin #3 is 80 feet
  • Cabin #4 is 110 feet
  • Cabin #5 is 120 feet
  • Cabin #6 is 130 feet
  • Cabin #7 is 140 feet
  • Cabin #8 is 130 feet
  • Cabin #9 is 200 feet
  • Cabin #10 is 200 feet
  • Cabin #11 is 120 feet
  • Cabin #12 is 57 feet
  • Cabin #13 is 130 feet
  • Cabin #14 is 250 feet
  • Cabin #15 is 60 feet
  • Cabin #16 is 250 feet
  • Cabin #17 is 110 feet
  • Cabin #18 is 400 feet
  • Cabin #19 is 1/4 of a mile
  • Cabin #20 is 250 feet

Do you have outside furniture?

Each log cabin has some outside log chairs or log furniture. We recommend guests bring additional outdoor furniture/chairs if needed.  

Does each log cabin have its own outdoor campfire pit?

The following log cabins have a private campfire pit: #1, #2, #3, #8, #10, #11, #12, #13, #14, #15, #16, #17, #18, #19, and #20.  Common fire pits are located near cabins #4, #5, #6, and #7, #13 and #14, and #11 and #12.

Is the fireplace wood burning?

All log cabins have a gas log fireplace.  They work with an electrical switch/timer.

Does each log cabin have a phone?

The following log cabins have a phone: #1, #2, #4, #6, #8, #9, #11, #13, #14, #15, #16, #17, #18, #19, #20. If you need to contact one of the cabins, please call the office. A phone for public use can be accessed on the outside wall at the office.

Does each log cabin have Wi-Fi?

Each log cabin will be upgraded access to Wi-Fi as well as the whole resort. The office has a public Wi-Fi access point on the deck overlooking the North Fork River. All access points are open to all log cabin guests. In the future a resort fee will be added to a daily stay to provide guaranteed internet service.

What is the bed configuration of each log cabin?

#1 Rainbow Trout: 1 King, 1 Queen, and 2 Twins #2 Smallmouth Bass: 2 Queens #3 Whitetail Deer: 2 Queens and 2 Twins #4 Golden Trout: 1 Queen #5 Wild Turkey: 1 Queen #6 Brook Trout: 1 Queen #7 Black Bear: 1 Queen and 2 Twins #8 Speedy's Retreat: 1 King and 1 Full #9 Eagle's Nest: 1 Queen and 2 Twins #10 Fisherman's Dream: 1 Queen #11 Brown Trout: 1 Queen #12 Stones Throw: 1 Queen #13 Riverside Escape: 1 Queen and 2 Twins #14 Red Bud: 1 King, 1 Queen, and 2 Twins #15 Almost Heaven: 1 King, 1 Queen, and 2 Twins #16 Mountaineer: 1 King, 1 Queen, and 4 Twins #17 Reel Retreat: 1 King, 1 Queen, and 2 Twins #18 The Ruffled Grouse: 1 King, 1 Queen, and 1 set of bunk beds #19 Pet Haven: 1 King, 1 Queen, and 2 Twins #20 Fly Rod Chronicles: 1 King, 1 Queen, and 4 Twins

Do the log cabins have A/C?

Each log cabin has A/C and ceiling fans to cool the cabin.

Are the log cabins heated other than the fireplace?

Each cabin has a heat pump and gas fireplace. Some of our cabins have electric heat as well.  

Does each log cabin have its own outdoor grill?

Each log cabin has an outdoor grill. We recommend guests bring their own outdoor cooking utensils. Charcoal is available for purchase in our Gift Shop.

What if we want to check out late?

If guests wish to check-out later, the cabin must not be booked the next day. Guests must pre-arrange with the office and a fee of $50 will be assessed. Guests must then checkout by 4 PM and not be fishing on the property any later than 4 PM.

Can we check in early?

The earliest check-in time is 1 PM. On occasion, properties will be available for early check-in.

What if we arrive after the office is closed?

Your confirmation letter will provide directions to your log cabin. Your confirmation letter will be in the cabin with your name on it. The cabin will be unlocked and the key will be on the kitchen table. Guests must make final payment and sign a hot tub liability release form the next day.

Can we have a family reunion, event, or wedding at the property?

Special events (family reunions, executive events, corporate retreats, or weddings) must be managed through the office. When booking 3 or more cabins, a rooming list is required before arrival.  

Do you allow pets at your log cabins and log cabin property?

Our only pet-friendly log cabin is #19. Guests may bring up to two pets to this log cabin. Pets are not allowed at the main log cabin resort in Hopeville Canyon or log cabin #17.

Can outside guests fish the property?

Outside guests must pay a daily fishing fee and receive a permit from the office in order to fish the property.

Can we have guests at our log cabin?

A minimum number of outside guests can be at the property for short durations (under 4 hours) that does not exceed the maximum occupancy limit of the cabin. You must inform the office of these guests.

Can we bring extra people?

Our luxury log cabins have a maximum occupancy or a max. number of people allowed to spend the night at the cabin.

What do we need to bring?

We recommend guests bring personal soaps, shampoo, dish soap, dishwasher soap, laundry detergent, a hair dryer, an iron, salt, pepper, foil wrap, sugar, paper plates, paper towels, napkins, condiments, and non-stick pots and pans. Most of these items can be purchased in the Gift Shop.

What do you provide?

Each cabin provides the following: towels, washcloths, bed linens, blankets, pillows, toilet paper, stainless steel pots, pans, a coffee pot, and cooking utensils for use in the cabin.

How old do I need to be to rent a cabin?

You must be 21 years old or older to rent a cabin. At least one person staying in a cabin must be 21 or older.

Do you accept checks?

We accept West Virginia state checks, money orders, and traveler’s checks.  

What credit cards do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

Can we keep trout?

No. Every trout caught in the private stream access must be released immediately per the catch and release rules.

Do you allow smoking inside the cabins?

Smoking is not allowed inside the cabins. Smoking is allowed outside the cabins.


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