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All You Need To Know

Frequently Asked Questions

A vacation getaway to Harman's Luxury Log Cabins can create a lot of questions. What amenities are available? What dining options are around? What supplies do you need to bring? We've helped guests for decades and have answered just about every question you may have. If you have a question we have not answered, please contact us.

General FAQs

What is your Deposit & Cancellation Policy
An advance deposit of 50% of your total stay package is required to guarantee your reservation.
  • If your cancellation occurred 30 days or more prior to your arrival date, we offer a refund of your deposit less $25.00 for each cabin reserved.
  • If your cancellation occurred less than 30 days prior to your arrival date, your deposit will be forfeited. We do offer a refund in the form of a gift certificate of your deposit less $25.00 booking fee for each cabin reserved with the additional requirement that the accommodations re-rent for the entire period of reservation.
  • If your cancellation is less than 7 days, no refunds unless a death in the immediate family.
  • If you are a “no show”, no refunds. We reserve the right to charge for the full stay.
  • We do not refund for cancellations due to inclement weather, unless West Virginia declares a state of emergency and has travel restrictions for our local area/region.
Is fishing included with my reservation?
Our private trophy trout fishing is no longer provided "free to our lodging guests". A permit is needed, and a fee for the permit is needed. This service is not guaranteed. Bad water conditions and both high and low water can occur. These are considered "Acts of God" and out of our control. Refunds are not given for bad water conditions. The price of lodging is fair and reasonable for the lodging provided as a standalone fee.
Do you offer any military discounts?
Yes. We offer 10% discounts for military. Please contact the office ahead of time so we can apply it to your reservation.
Are there restaurants nearby?
The closest restaurant is 5 miles away (Cheetah B's attached to the American Leigon). There are other restaurants and fast food in Petersburg (12 miles), Seneca Rocks (12 miles), and Moorefield (25 miles).
Are there any grocery stores nearby?
Yes. Please keep in mind that the gift shop does not sell items such as milk and eggs.
  • 12 miles - Petersburg, WV - Shop N Save
  • 25 miles - Moorefield, WV - Wal-Mart.
What if we arrive after the office has closed?
You will recieve a "Late Arrival" email around an hour or two before closing with instructions. Please stop by the office to get your parking pass and fishing badges the following morning at your earliest convenience.
Do you allow pets?
The only pet-friendly cabin we have is Cabin #19 (Pet Haven). The pet fee is $50 per pet, per day. Pets are not allowed on the main property or Cabin #17. We allow service dogs as long as they are not an emotional support animal. The service animal must be trained for a medical task.
What do we need to bring?
We recommend you bring your own toiletries and food. You will be provided with a fully equiped kitchen with everything you need to cook and eat with. The bathrooms are stocked with extra towels and washcloths. The gift shop sells basic items such as shampoo and toothbrushes. Please keep in mind there is no daily housekeeping service. If you need anything extra, please let the office know.
Do you accept checks or cash?
We do not accept cash for reservations at this time. You can use cash to purchase items in the gift shop. We accept West Virginia state checks, money orders, and traveler’s checks.
What is your lost & found policy?
If guests leave an item(s) at the cabins and want it returned, there will be a $20 service fee plus the cost of shipping. You must supply us with a credit card to charge.
Are all cabins located by the riverside?
  • Yes, all cabins are located less than 300 feet from the river except: Cabin 18 is located 400 feet from the river Cabin 19 is located about 1/4 mile from the river. Cabin 21: Overlooking the river
Can we check-in early?
Early check in is subject to availability. The earliest check in time is 1 PM. On weekends and holidays, please let us know ahead of time if you'd like early check in.
Can we check out after 11 AM?
The cabin must not have anyone checking in to it the same or next day. This must be pre-arranged and approved ahead of time.

Cabin Frequently Asked Questions

Does each cabin have an outdoor firepit?
The following log cabins have a private campfire pit: #1, #2, #3, #8, #10, #11, #12, #13, #14, #15, #16, #17, #18, #19, and #20. Common fire pits are located near cabins #4, #5, #6, and #7, #13 and #14, and #11 and #12.
Does each cabin have a phone?
Every cabin has a phone except Cabins #3, #5, #7, #10 and #12. If you need to contact one of the cabins, please call the office. A phone for public use can be accessed on the outside wall at the office.
Does each cabin have Wi-Fi?
Each log cabin has access to high speed Wi-Fi for streaming services and phone usage. We also have Wi-Fi access points on the main deck, the bridge, and pavillions overlooking the North Fork River. All access points are open to all log cabin guests. Because of our new provider and campus wide solution, we can guarantee your access as long at the provider’s internet connection is available. Basic Fee(8MB): $8.00/day Resort Wi-FI: A campus wide Wi-FI provides you access to stream live video of your experience or be contacted almost anywhere within site of your cabin. If you want to call from the stream side, cabin deck or hot tub Wi-FI calling is available. Remote Work: If you choose to work remotely, we can provide higher WI FI Speeds. There is no service at the cabins. To make and receive phone calls and texts while on Wi-Fi, turn on Wi-Fi calling in your phone settings. If you're unsure how to do this, we will help you upon check-in.
What coffee makers are in the cabins?
Every cabin has both drip coffee and a Keurig machine.
Can we have guests at our cabin?
A minimum number of outside guests can be at the property for short durations (under 4 hours) that does not exceed the maximum occupancy limit of the cabin. You must inform the office of these guests.
Can we bring extra people?
We have a strict rule of ensuring the cabins do not exceed maximum occupancy. For example, if your cabin holds 6 people, you may not have over 6 people in the cabin.
How are the cabins heated and cooled?
Each cabin has a heat pump and gas fireplace. Some of our cabins have electric heat as well. Each log cabin has A/C and ceiling fans to cool the cabin.
Does each cabin have its own outdoor grill?
Each log cabin has an outdoor grill. We recommend guests bring their own outdoor cooking utensils. Charcoal is available for purchase in our Gift Shop.
How old do I need to be to rent a cabin?
You must be 21 years old or older to rent a cabin. At least one person staying in a cabin must be 21 or older.
Do you allow smoking in the cabins?
Smoking is not allowed inside the cabins. Smoking is allowed outside the cabins.

Fishing Frequently Asked Questions

What fly fishing supplies do you have?
You can purchase: Simms Waders, Fishpond, Umpqua, Rio, Temple Fork Fly Rod Chronicle Rod Dry/Wets Flies, leaders, fly fishing supplies, fishing nets Fly rod rentals, Temple Fork Fly Rod/Reels Combo packs for purchase Spinning reels rentals, Casto spinners (single hook), trout magnets
Where can I get a WV Fishing License?
We recommend purchasing online at before your arrival. To fish on property you will need
  • WV Fishing License
  • WV Conservation stamp
  • WV Trout fishing stamp (*may be included with your license)
  • Harman's Fishing Pass
Children under the age of 15 do not need a license.

FOR 2024 FISHING FEES click here

If you prefer to purchase locally here are Grant County options: Central Tie & Lumber 727 North Fork Highway Petersburg, WV  26847 G & T Sporting 310 Kuhn Mine Rd Mount Storm, WV  26739 Patterson Creek Liberty LLC 1330 Patterson Creek RD Petersburg, WV  26847
Do I need a WV Fishing License?
Yes. In addition to our property fishing permits, you will need a WV fishing license, a trout stamp, and conservation stamp.
What are your on property fishing permits?
The fishing badges are now $8 per angler over the age of 15. This is a one time charge and is valid for your entire stay.
What are your fishing rules?
  • Catch and Release Only
  • Single Hook Barbless hooks only
  • Must have a net to land trout, especially for our large trout
  • Artificial lures only
  • No treble hooks (3 hooks on lure)
  • No multiple hook artificial spinning lures (single hook only)
  • No live bait, power bait, salmon eggs, corn, baits with scent
  • Fishing guests must have a Harman's permit when fishing at the stream
  • If a trout is hooked deep, cut the line to save the trout
  • No Centrepin fishing (although a acceptable way to trout fish, the excessive line and stream coverage can interfere with other fisherman)
Can we fish with live bait, treble hooks or barbed hooks?
No. Live bait, treble hooks (3 hooks on a lure), and barbed hooks cannot be used.
Can we keep the fish we catch?
No you may not keep trout caught at the property. All trout caught on the private stream access must be released immediately per our catch and release rules.
Can a single day fishing permit be purchased for an outside guest?
Yes. A fishing permit for a single day of fishing can be purchased from November-March. The fee is based on season and can vary. Please contact the office for availality and fee for the day. The maximum number of daily fishing fee guests is 2 on the weekends and 4 during the midweek.
Can fishing guests check out later? (Need review for this info)
Unless a partial day fishing fee is paid, fishing guests cannot stay past the 11 AM checkout time. Fees are $50 per guest. This will be managed on a per request basis.
Can fishing guests arrive early?
Fishing guests cannot fish on the property before check-in. Fishing guests must check-in at the office to receive permits before fishing. The earliest time for check-in is 1 PM.