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Trout Streams in WV: 11 Popular Fly Fishing Spots

Looking for the best trout streams in WV? You’ve come to the right spot!

The Mountain State is home to a plethora of Appalachia’s most popular fly-fishing destinations, with streams brimming with trout and many other types of fish near our fly fishing cabins. Each stream listed below has its own unique features, surprises, and types of trout to be caught. Anglers of all skill levels will have no problem enjoying a day of fishing at one of these streams!

Explore West Virginia’s best trout streams below.

an angler fly fishing in a trout stream in wv

North Fork of the South Branch Potomac River

Where: Harman’s Luxury Log Cabins

Anglers can enjoy a serene fly fishing experience along the private, two-mile portion of the North Fork when booked through Harman’s Luxury Log Cabins. Our West Virginia fly fishing cabins are just steps from the two-mile stretch that’s home to beautiful trout year-round, including golden, brown, and brook trout. The catch-and-release stream is available to guests only.

The river is quite peaceful, making it a great spot for all ages and skill levels. The North Fork portion of the area is easily accessible with plenty of parking along the river. The water is perfect for wading and has several large pools, riffles, and fast runs.

Learn more about trout fishing at Harman’s Luxury Log Cabins.

North Fork of Lunice Creek

Where: Petersburg, WV

Distance from Harman’s: 13 miles

Located just 5 miles from Petersburg, West Virginia, North Fork of Lunice Creek is stocked with trout fish from February to May each year. Anglers may also find largemouth bass. The stream is just a 19 minute drive from our fly fishing cabins. The creek is also a short 18 minute drive from downtown Petersburg. Because WV Rt. 42 crosses the stream several times, there are several access points along the stream.

North Fork of Patterson Creek

Couple fishing for trout at Harman's Luxury Log Cabins in West Virginia.

Where: 2 miles from Scherr, WV

Distance from Harman’s: 20 miles

This stream is stocked with trout periodically from January through May, including weekly stockings from March to May. Anglers should cast a line into any part of the stream between WV Secondary Route 3 Bridge and upstream through Greenland Gap to Scherr. This portion of the stream is where trout are stocked.

Dry Fork

Where: Near Parsons, WV

Distance from Harman’s: 24 miles

This 40-mile tributary of the Black Fork and Cheat River is located near the Monongahela National Forest in northeastern West Virginia. Dry Fork is stocked with trout once in February and every two weeks March through May. The river is home to brown, yellow, and rainbow trout. Regardless, the river is one of the top destinations for fly fishing in West Virginia.

Seneca Creek

Woman holding a trout fish at Harman's Luxury Log Cabins in West Virginia.

Where: Seneca Rocks, WV

Distance from Harman’s: 25 miles

Seneca Creek is a well-known stream populated with native brook trout and wild rainbow trout. The river flows for nearly 10 miles, dotted with pools, waterfalls, and riffles making for an immensely beautiful area for fly fishing. Seneca Creek has several accessible fly-fishing spots, including some of the best spots that take more of a hike to get to. The river is near the Seneca Rocks Discovery Center, so there are restrooms nearby.

New Creek Dam

Where: Off WV Route 93 in Grant County, about 6 miles north of Scherr, WV

Distance from Harman’s: 25 miles

Anglers will have the opportunity to catch trout, channel catfish, and large and smallmouth bass at this 40-acre lake. The lake is owned and operated by the Natural Resources Conservation Service and is stocked with trout fish periodically throughout the year.

a fisherman holding a trout fish

Spruce Knob Lake

Where: Spruce Knob, WV

Distance from Harman’s: 38 miles

Stocked regularly by the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources, Spruce Knob Lake offers 52-acres of scenic fishing opportunities. From hungry bluegill along the shoreline to beautiful rainbow trout and smallmouth bass, this popular lake located at the Spruce Knob Lake Campground is perfect for beginner anglers up to advanced anglers. Restrooms are located on the campground premises.

Cranberry River

Where: Central West Virginia

The Cranberry River stretches 41 miles in central West Virginia within the Monongahela National Forest. Types of trout include brown, brook, rainbow, and golden. Anglers will find two sections along the river: the backcountry and the lower section. The lower section is easily accessible with roads that run alongside this portion of the river. The backcountry is a 16-mile remote section that does not allow vehicle access—if you plan on fishing the backcountry section of the Cranberry River, there are several overnight shelters available to stay in.

the north fork of the cherry riverNorth Fork of the Cherry River

Where: Richwood, WV

Distance from Harman’s: 120 miles

Stocked with rainbow, browns, native brook trout, and gold rainbow trout, the North Fork of the Cherry River is a popular spot for fishing. Beginning in southeastern Pocohantas County, the North Fork of the Cherry River has a 1.8-mile catch-and-release section where fly fishing is at its best. Here, anglers will find rainbow, brown, and golden rainbow trout. The stream runs through the Monongahela National Forest in Richwood and has plenty of spots with deep pools and riffles. The stream is stocked once in February and every two weeks March through May.

Second Creek 

Where: Lewisburg, WV

Distance from Harman’s: 136 miles

Located in Lewisburg, WV, Second Creek features a 1.5-mile long catch-and-release, fly-fish only trout stream that is stocked once in April of each year. The stream is typically shallow with a gravel bottom and reaches its lowest levels during the summer months. However, there are plenty of spots that feature deeper sections. The stream is located on private property and is a popular spot for local anglers.

angler in a stream with a fishing net

Elk River

Where: Central West Virginia

Distance from Harman’s: 158 miles

Dubbed “The Lady” by locals, the Elk River is a fly-fishing haven, with tons of spots to catch large rainbow, brown, and brook trout. The Elk River is a popular fly-fishing destination for all skill levels and is a can’t miss for any angler. The stream has several deep pools, shallow runs, and riffles with the highest portion of the river offering some of the best fly fishing in the state.

For more information about these trout streams in West Virginia and others, you can contact the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources at (304) 558-6200 or find more information about West Virginia fishing regulations.

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