Trout Fishing

West Virginia Trout Fishing Vacations for Catch and Release Trophy Trout

Harman’s is privately stocking 1 1/2 miles of the North Fork River at the cabins, making it a premier destination for great trout fishing vacations. Harman’s stocks the stream year-round with the exception of July and August. Even better, private stream access is restricted to customers of the property and permit holders. Harman’s Log Cabins also offers guided trout fishing services to enhance the fishing experience for guests. The stream is managed as a Catch and Release Trophy Trout Stream. Fly Fishing and spinning tackle can be used, but no bait fishing is allowed, only artificial lures.

Two other sections of Catch and Release trout fishing are nearby. A one-mile section of the stream at Seneca Rocks and a mile of stream in the Smoke Hole Canyon are managed by the state as Catch and Release and provide more unequaled West Virginia trout fishing.

Trout Fishing Vacations for Put and Take

Harman’s is located near 52 miles of trout stream stocked by the state of West Virginia, 26 miles of the North Fork River from Riverton to Cabins, WV, and 26 miles of the South Branch River from Franklin to Big Bend are stocked by WVDNR as Put & Take streams with the legal limit of six trout per day. These sections of the stream area are easily accessed. The streams are stocked by West Virginia DNR with rainbow, brown, brook, and golden trout.

During the year the state will stock during January, February, March, April, May, June, and October. It should be mentioned as well the Smoke Hole section of the South Branch River is considered the best public access trophy trout stream in West Virginia and the Mid-Atlantic. Trophy trout weighing over 4lbs are consistently caught on this section of the stream. Stay at our cabins near Smoke Hole, WV to be near it all.

West Virginia’s DNR lake trout stockings occur at Spruce Knob Lake and South Mill Creek Lake. These two nearby lakes provide a great experience for trout fishing at a lake.  Spruce Knob Lake is known for great summer trout fishing.  Spruce Knob is the highest mountain in West Virginia.  The water temperature at the lake is consistently cool enough to support trout.

Trout Fishing Vacations for Wild Trout

West Virginia’s wild trout streams are restricted to its eastern highlands in the Monongahela National Forest. Some of West Virginia’s best native trout fishing is in streams located just minutes from our log cabin rentals. Seneca Creek is on Trout Unlimited list of top 100 wild trout streams. It supports both wild rainbow and brook trout. Gandy Creek, Laurel Fork, Glady Fork, and Big Run support a wild brook and/or wild brown trout population.

Our log cabin resort is a great lodging choice for West Virginia trout fishing in the Spruce Knob-Seneca Rocks National Recreation Area.


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