Yoga Retreat West Virginia: Wellness & Zen at Harman’s Luxury Log Cabins

Experience the best wellness and yoga retreat West Virginia has to offer at Harman’s Luxury Log Cabins. From clean cooking tutorials to brand new fitness amenities and a hosted wellness event for 2020, travelers will be introduced to a one-of-a-kind health and wellness getaway to one of West Virginia’s most serene locations and most popular West Virginia vacation destinations.

Read on to find out how West Virginia’s finest luxury log cabin destination will soon provide guests with healthy living amenities in 2020.


woman performing yoga on a yoga matNew Yoga Platforms & Classes for Guests

Enjoy yoga classes led by professional instructors both on-location and remote via large-screen television. Learn new yoga techniques that will strengthen the mind, body, and spirit amidst a beautiful backdrop of West Virginia mountain peaks. New yoga platforms will be highlighted across the property to promote a strong physical and mental outlook through movement. Our new yoga class instructions and platforms are perfect for the avid yoga enthusiast or even the novice yoga student.


New Gym Facility for Guests

Take advantage of Harman’s new gym facility to keep up with your fitness routine during your West Virginia wellness retreat. Overlooking a peaceful one mile stretch of mountain stream access, our new gym facility is just steps from luxury cabins, hiking, outdoor adventure, and much more. Paired with a scenic mountain trail hike or rock climbing excursion, the new gym facility will benefit guests’ mentality and physical wellness through exercise.


woman jogging outside at sunsetWest Virginia Wellness Event Hosted On-Site

Experience the benefits of good health and living with wellness during a hosted wellness event at Harman’s Luxury Log Cabins. Working closely with World Wellness Weekend, the event will promote healthy living through various methods of wellness, leaving guests with a new outlook on how to lead a healthier lifestyle.


Clean Cooking & Wellness Culinary Experiences

Learn the latest in clean cooking, nutrition, and nourishment with live culinary demonstrations and tutorials during your stay at Harman’s Luxury Log Cabins. As a key component of wellness, these culinary presentations will highlight new dishes that: encourage healthier eating habits, are easy to prep and prepare, and even easier to enjoy.


Harman’s Luxury Log Cabins has a lot in store for guests looking to maintain wellness or begin a healthier lifestyle in 2020. Don’t miss out on these new features and amenities coming to our luxury log cabin location.

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