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Can’t Miss Spring Fishing in West Virginia

As the new year settles in, anglers journey to the re-stocked rivers and lakes of West Virginia for the spring fishing season. And every spring, Harman’s supplies two miles of the North Fork River with a multitude of trophy fish, providing visiting anglers with a plethora of fly fishing opportunities. Not only do our spring fishing guests get to enjoy the dense forests and mountain landscapes that surround our property, but they also receive an unforgettable West Virginia fishing trip with exceptional services and resources offered by our property.

Find out what you can expect from a fly fishing trip in West Virginia below!

angler holding a fish

Harman’s Private Stream Access

Harman’s proudly features nearly two-miles of free private stream access along the North Fork South Branch Potomac River, providing outstanding West Virginia catch-and-release fly fishing opportunities for only our angling guests. During the spring fishing cycle (March, April, and May), our private stream is teeming with trophy-sized trout.

The stream is divided into two areas, beginning at the entrance of Harman’s and winding throughout the property with a backdrop of lush forest and stunning rock cliffs. These divided areas grant our fishing guests optimal space to enjoy a day out in the water and plenty of opportunities to catch fish.

All of our guests are provided with an identification permit for their time fishing and are provided free of charge to all staying guests.

an angler holding up a large fish

Ample West Virginia Fly Fishing Opportunities

At Harman’s Luxury Log Cabins, guests will have the opportunity to catch trophy trout throughout the spring fishing cycle. During the spring season, the North Fork River is packed with trophy trout, and guests are treated to outstanding fishing for both spinning tackle or fly rods.

It’s a good idea to keep an eye on the mayfly hatch schedule, as the trout become accustomed to the hatch cycles of specific mayflies. This is can be crucial for anglers deciding on specific flies to use during the time of their fishing visit.

Full-Service Fly Fishing Shop

On-site Fly Fishing ShopWhether you’ve forgotten crucial equipment back home or are looking to add some extra features to your fly fishing arsenal, our fully-stocked, on-site Fly Fishing Shop offers a plethora of fishing equipment, apparel, souvenirs, and sundries to accompany your spring fly fishing adventure in West Virginia.

At our Fly Fishing Shop, you’ll find:

  • A large selection of flies
  • Fishing equipment
  • Boots, waders, fly vests, rain jackets, polar fleece, and shirts
  • Harman’s mugs, fleece, and hats
  • Sunscreen, repellent, cameras, sunglasses, and much more!


Are you angling to hit the water this spring? Check out our available luxury cabin rentals and get your West Virginia spring fishing trip started.