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Kids Corner

Welcome to the Kids Corner

Fun for all ages await you and your family at Harman's Luxury Log Cabins. From smores over a fire, tubing down the stream, hiking, stargazing and much more.



Smores and sing-along’s sitting around a camp fire are some of children’s fondness memories.  Most of our family log cabins have private campfire pits for your enjoyment.  A few common area campfire pits are on the property for gatherings of families and friends on your West Virginia Vacation.

What are Smores? They are a traditional nighttime campfire treat consisting of roasted marshmallow and a layer of chocolate sandwiched between two pieces of graham cracker. Smores are sold at our gift shop.

Inner Tubing

A lazy day on an inner tube at the big swimming hole with Eagles flying overhead or a short tubing adventure down a few riffles can be enjoyed by kids of all ages at our riverside log cabin resort.

River Rock

Adventure Rocks are free.  At Harman’s thousands of river rocks are scattered along the easily accessed North Fork River.  All West Virginia riverside vacations should include skipping rocks or making big splashes with river rocks.   Any hike or day spent by the river at our log cabins can include a search for skipping stones, fossils, heart shaped rocks, or a flat rock to paint later at the cabin.  Imagination and adventure are all you need for creating a memory of a lifetime on your West Virginia vacation.

Stone Skipping

Launching a rock into a river is pretty easy, but skipping a stone for distance, accuracy and a high number of skips is challenging.  At our log cabins you are only a short walk to stone skipping heaven.

And don’t be fooled into thinking you can muscle your way to a big number of skips. Conditions have to be just right, the river has to be smooth, the rock’s angle cannot be too steep, and the flip of the wrist just perfect.  The result is a rock skipping along the river’s surface.

Rules of stone skipping:

  • 6 stones per participant.

  • Each participant throw is calculated for the number of skips.

  • The length the stone travels and accuracy of the river stone’s path.

  • Set in 2007, the world record toss yielded 51 skips.

Learning to Skip Rocks

  • Select Harman’s for your outdoor adventure vacation

  • On the banks of the North Fork River select your rock you find  a skinny, flat and round rock about the size of your palm

  • Put your index finger against the edge of the rock, so the rock is flat

  • Stand with your feet shoulder width apart facing sideways to the water, with your non-dominant side closest to the water’s edge

  • Flick your rock across the surface with a sharp movement of the wrist

  • Keep trying


This is a style of rock climbing undertaken without a rope and normally limited to very short climbs typically practiced on large natural boulders or at the base of larger rock faces.  Dolly Sods -Bear Rocks is our favorite bouldering outdoor adventure spot.  With large limestone rock outcrops and vast views of the North Fork Valley, New Creek Mountain and North Fork Mountain, the overlook at Bear Rocks is perfect for your West Virginia outdoor adventure.

Horseshoes, Volleyball, and Corn Hole/Bag Toss

We have a few fun competitive outdoor games for your enjoyment at Harman’s.  These are located in common areas near your log cabins within viewing distance of the North Fork River.  A great way to spend relaxing time with family and friends is a friendly game of horseshoes or corn hole.  Kids of all ages can enjoy these games.  A volleyball match is a great game for the more energetic adventurer.


Your family’s hike starts on the front porch of your log cabin.  At Harman’s choose between a riverside hike along the north fork river, a mountain hike to the top of the rocks, or the Hopeville Canyon Overlook.  Our hiking at the cabins can take you to remote areas in North Fork Mountain, or a secluded swimming hole with massive cliffs overlooking the 3rd big hole.  Hiking can be leisurely stroll along the river, or a vertical strenuous hike into the mountains.


Our private access catch and release trout fishery has become known as a trophy trout stream.  The stream is consistently getting more fly fishing customers.  But Harman’s still allow spin fishing at the property with certain restrictions.  If your kids are beginners with a spinning rod or fly rod, either is welcome during you trout fishing vacation.
Nearby trout ponds for kids can be just as exciting.  These ponds give children the opportunity to catch and keep a trout of a lifetime.  At these ponds you pay by the pound, and bring the trout home for supper.

Hot Tubs

The warm bubbling waters of our private outdoor hot tubs are enticing to children of all ages.  Kids and adults of all ages absolutely love to play in the private outdoor hot tubs at your log cabin.

Children under the age of 5 should not be allowed in a hot tub.  Children must be supervised by an adult while using the hot tub.


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