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Seneca Rocks Hiking Trails & Nearby Trails

Seneca Rocks is a haven for outdoor adventure that includes hiking, biking, and rock climbing. All these trails are in or near Seneca Rocks, with some trails extending to the Smoke Hole region and Spruce Knob Wilderness of West Virginia. Each trail is rated by difficulty, making it easier for you to decide which hike is right for you.

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Read on to find the best Seneca Rocks hiking trails near Harman’s Log Cabins:

Easy Seneca Rocks Hiking Trails

Enjoy the sights without too much strain on these easy Seneca Rocks hiking trails. 

Seneca Rocks in West Virginia.

Seneca Rocks Hiking Trail | INTERSECTION OF ROUTE 33 AND ROUTE 55

Distance: 1.3 miles (2.6 miles round trip)

The Seneca Rocks Hiking Trail rises to nearly 700 feet in elevation. An observation platform near the top of Seneca Rocks can be reached via the trail and provides a scenic overlook of the area. Although steep, the trail is typically categorized as easy so all ages can enjoy this quick hike. Seneca Rocks also offers some of the best rock climbing West Virginia has to offer.

Intermediate Seneca Rocks Hiking Trails

Looking for more of a challenge? Check out these intermediate hiking trails in Seneca Rocks. 

Redman Trail

Distance: 2 miles out and back

Located northeast of Seneca Rocks, Redman Trail is typically categorized as an intermediate in hiking difficulty and is a relatively short hike at just 2 miles. The trail is an out and back and is regularly used for walking, bird watching, and hiking. Redman Trail provides serene views of the lush forest in the Smoke Hole region and reaches over 600 feet in elevation.

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Aerial view of Spruce Knob, West Virginia.

Spruce Knob via Huckleberry Trail

Distance: 6 miles out and back

Ascending to over 1,000 feet in elevation, the Huckleberry Trail takes hikers from Seneca Creek to the summit of Spruce Knob. Huckleberry Trail winds through small clearings and forests and eventually reaches a ridge. The ridge is where hikers will find amazing vista views of Spruce Knob. This trail is rated as an intermediate hike. GPS can have a hard time with this area – download or print your map beforehand.

Chimney Top via Landis and North Fork Trails

Distance: 5 miles out and back

Located near Cabins, West Virginia and Harman’s Luxury Log Cabins, the Chimney Top trail is a hidden gem in West Virginia. Hikers will ascend nearly 2,000 feet before they’re presented with fabulous views and several overlooks that include the North Fork of the Potomac River. This trail is classified as intermediate because of its steep climb. Chimney Top trail is part of the northern portion of the North Fork Mountain Trail.

Red Creek Trail | Dolly Sods Wilderness

Distance: 12.3 miles out and back

Red Creek Trail takes hikers through lush forest and along Red Creek near Davis, West Virginia. The trail begins in Dolly Sods Wilderness in Laneville, West Virginia just west of Seneca Rocks. The trail features several campsites, many closer to the trailhead. The trail is rated from intermediate to advanced, with the trail climbing to nearly 1,400 feet. Hikers will eventually cross the stream and several other trails.

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Seneca Creeks waterfall and pool in West Virginia.

Seneca Creek Trail/Forest Trail 515

Distance: 5 miles out and back

Located in the Seneca Rocks National Recreation Area, the cabins near Dolly Sods is one of the most traveled trails in the area. Seneca Creek Trail offers plenty of scenery including flowing waterfalls, streams, and swimming holes. Hikers will traverse through lush meadows and groves that boast a plethora of beautiful plant life. The trail is hiker and mountain bike friendly for its flat paths. The trail also has several creek crossings.

Advanced Hikes in Seneca Rocks

Challenge yourself with these advanced hiking trails in Seneca Rocks! 

North Fork Mountain Trail (NFMT)

Distance: 24 miles out and back

A challenging yet rewarding trail, the North Fork Mountain Trail is well-known for near-countless overlooks that provide amazing vista views of Monongahela National Forest. The trail winds its way to nearly 3,000 feet in elevation along the North Fork Mountain. Not for the faint of heart, this trail is classified as advanced in hiking difficulty.

Frequently Asked Questions About Seneca Rocks Hiking Trails

Take in the gorgeous views and challenge your hiking skills during your next trip to Seneca Rocks. Find answers to frequently asked questions from hikers like you below! 

How long does it take to hike Seneca Rocks Trail?

It takes most people almost two hours to hike the Seneca Rocks Trail, with variations depending on skill level and how many times you stop to see the sights, watch wildlife, or take photos. 

How hard is it to climb Seneca Rocks?

Climbers of all abilities can enjoy Seneca Rocks! There are over 375 mapped climbing routes in Seneca Rocks, with varying degrees of difficulty from the easiest (5.0) to the most challenging (5.12). 

Can you see Seneca Rocks without hiking?

You can see Seneca Rocks without hiking – you can enjoy the views from the Seneca Rocks Discovery Center

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