West Virginia Fly Fishing Guides

At Harman's Luxury Log Cabins

Whether you’re an experienced angler or novice, our West Virginia fly fishing guides offer invaluable lessons and greatly enhance your fly fishing excursion. Every locality has its secrets and our guide staff at Harman’s will most often have the answers someone unfamiliar with our waters would take valuable time to uncork.

If you are interested in learning specific techniques or are just wanting someone to point you in the right direction, spend a day with one of our fantastic guides and get the most out of your time at Harman’s!

Professional Fly Fishing Guides

Fly Fishing Manager/Head of Guide Service 

Tim Caudill

  • Our fly fishing guides can should be booked in advance.  
  • Call 800-436-6254 or email us to book a guide at reservation@wvlogcabins.com or fishing@wvlogcabins.com   
  • All guiding services on property must be booked with Harman’s guides.
  • If your group has a specific guide relationship, the group and guide must clear any guiding with our guide staff.  

Private Guide Services Pricing

HALF DAY  (4 hrs)

  • 1 angler   $225
  • 2 anglers $275

FULL DAY (8 hrs includes lunch)

  • 1 angler   $325
  • 2 anglers $425

For groups of 3 or more, call for pricing.

All trips include terminal tackle and flies at no charge.

ORVIS Rods, reels, waders and boots will be rented in the 2023 at Harman’s Fly Shop.

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