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West Virginia Log Cabin

West Virginia Log Cabin

Choose a West Virginia log cabin as your location for your next vacation getaway. Drive to West Virginia and have a long and relaxing family vacation. Take a breather by doing recreational activities you have always wanted to do. Go fishing, rafting, kayaking, rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking or swimming around West Virginia's parks and forests.

Comfortable lodging places

Log cabins are perfect lodging places for couples, families, and friends. Log cabins are clean, comfortable, convenient and economical. Log cabins are thoroughly cleaned before guests move in. Guests are also provided with safety and protection. They also have alarm systems, fire extinguishers, and other necessary safety and protection services.

Log cabin size

Log cabins vary in size. Some are small, with one or two bedrooms, while there are also log cabins that can accommodate up to ten persons. Secluded one-bedroom log cabins are ideal for romantic couples, while multiple-room log cabins are suitable for large families and groups of friends.

Fully-furnished houses

A West Virginia log cabin can provide the comforts provided by your own home. Vacation travelers always choose this lodging place because they can have the freedom and privacy they deserve. Unlike hotels, as well as budget inns, log cabins are more inducing for relaxation. One can do kitchen chores, too. Log cabins have fully-equipped kitchens. There are also entertainment systems and game rooms.

Family-bonding destination

Break away from the stress of city life and go to West Virginia. Treat your loved ones by staying in a log cabin overlooking a magnificent view. When staying in a log cabin, you can bond with your kids, wife, or friends. Log cabins are located near recreational areas. Hit the trail, tackle the rapids, or go fishing. Log cabins are found in mountainsides and near lakes and rivers. Also, log cabins are near small towns and cities. In West Virginia, there are interesting towns and cities worth visiting. These districts have antique stores, fine dining restaurants, full service spas, and even movie theaters.

If you are planning to stay in a West Virginia log cabin, check out Harman's North Folk Cottages. Our log cabins are available all throughout the year. Whether you are going to West Virginia in summer, fall, spring or winter, you can stay in a comfortable log cabin.

Our log cabins are fully furnished and have modern amenities, such as outdoor Jacuzzi, fire places and game rooms. Check this website to know more about our log cabins.

West Virginia Log Cabin
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