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West Virginia Cabins

West Virginia Cabins

Like many people, sometimes all you need to refresh yourself is a trip to those beautiful West Virginia cabins. Surrounded by nature, you can spend time fishing or hiking. You can even stay indoors occasionally and just read a book by the fireplace. Whatever you do, being in the outdoors really does have a rejuvenating effect. By the time your trip�s over, you�ll be well-rested and energized, ready to take on city living once again.

Think those cabins aren�t for you?

Why not? West Virginia cabins are not just for the hardcore outdoor enthusiasts. Even if it�s your first time to try and rough it out with the great outdoors, there�s a whole range of activities you can try. Aside from fishing and hiking, there�s mountain biking and rock climbing. Not the physical type? Don�t worry. There�s wildlife viewing for you to try out.

Aside from those fun vacation activities immediately available from your cabin, there are others more available to you, easily accessible with a short trip. If you�re more comfortable with snow, there are skiing, tubing, and snowboarding facilities nearby. You can also choose to enjoy the spectacular views that the area offers through various train excursions.

West Virginia cabins always offer something to someone. Probably the real key to getting away is not just simply staying in a different location, but rather, having an open mind to try out what that location has to offer.

Roughing it out, but comfortably

West Virginia cabins from Harman�s North Fork Cottages are fully furnished and available throughout the year. One-bedroom cabins are perfect for a romantic getaway with its indoor Jacuzzi tub. Those with two bedrooms up are perfect for families and have their own private outdoor hot tub.

All of the cabins come equipped with a fireplace, satellite television with DVD player, dish washer, kitchen, towels, and linens. Aside from great accommodations, Harman�s also gives you the pleasure of taking part in numerous activities such as train excursions and skiing, tubing, and snowboarding to name some. For train excursions, you can see what the Cass Scenic Railroad State Park has to offer; you can take the Cheat Mountain Salamander and check out Shavers River up to High Falls in Cheat; or take the Potomac Eagle Excursion to go see the golden and bald eagles in the area. For skiing, tubing, and snowboarding, you can go on a day trip to the best slopes on the east coast�Timberline and Canaan Valley (a short distance away) and Snowshoe Mountain (a little farther)�and save up on lodging costs when you choose to stay in Harman�s cabins.

West Virginia Cabins
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