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Trout Fishing Wv

Trout Fishing Wv Trout fishing WV is a popular sport that almost anybody can try out. Compared to other types of fishing, this one is very easy to do and you won�t need special equipments such as depth locator or pH meter �you would not even need a boat. All you need to have are the basic essentials which include a spinning outfit in good condition, some hooks, and a handful of bait, and you are all set to catch trout down a stream or in a small lake. The latter are the best places to hit for trout fishing WV because of good wild trout supply and regular trout stocking programs of the state government.

Know your fish
Before embarking on a trout fishing WV trip, make sure that you know what you will be dealing with. �Trout� is not a single fish but rather a generic term used to refer to several species of freshwater fishes. It would wise to do some research on these fishes to be able to distinguish between the several species. This would surely make your fishing trip not only enjoyable, but education as well.

Getting started
Once you have a fair idea regarding the different species of trout, it�s time to hit to road for some serious but fun trout fishing WV. First, get a good map of the area you will be visiting to make sure that you are indeed fishing in trout water. Likewise, take note of the trout stocking schedule and area of the West Virginia Department of National Resources so you know when and where the fishes abound.

The right equipment is the key

To get you going, you also need to get your hands on the proper trout fishing equipment. If you are a first time trout fisher, this may pose a problem since you are not yet familiar with the equipment and the sport. Below are some tips to help you choose the proper gears given s particular situation.
  • For muddy waters, use a monofilament line that is not heavier than six pound test. For clearer waters, a line no heavier than four pound test should do you good.
  • Remember to fill you spool with heavy line and put at least 30 yards of lighter on at the end. Always replace your lines after it becomes too worn out or when it becomes very short to use for fishing.
  • Hooks number 10 to 14 in the size range are recommended for trout fishing WV because longer shank hooks tend to be conspicuous.
  • Stay within public fishing places or in allowable grounds. Otherwise, always ask permission from the private authorities before wandering off in surrounding territories.
Private fishing haven
Now, if you do not fancy the thought of trout fishing WV in public venues, Harman�s North Fork Cottages is the best place to go. Our log cabins provide you with the privacy and peace you want and more importantly, they rest on the banks of a private trout stream so you can go trout fishing all you want. Get hold of an amazing outdoors vacation by booking a cabin today through this website or by phone at 800-436-6254. Trout Fishing Wv
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