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Monongahela National Forest West Virginia

Monongahela National Forest West Virginia The Monongahela National Forest West Virginia is site for one of the largest national recreational areas in the region. It is frequented by the most adventurous of nature trippers, thanks to its wealth of white water rafting venues, ski slopes, and rock climbing destinations. All of WV Log Cabins' properties are found within this forest, offering you the best accommodation for your nature-based trip.

West Virginia's Monongahela National Forest is one of the most beautiful places you can visit in the region. It offers spectacular trails, and highly acclaimed state parks and stunning forests to explore and discover. Around its mountains are vast networks of biking and hiking trails, perfect for those who want an active vacation. WV Log Cabins specializes in luxurious accommodations within Monongahela National Forest West Virginia, including popular riverside areas like North Fork River, Smoke Holes Cavern, and other forest attractions. Some sought after trails include the Greenbrier River Trail and the West Fork Trail, which offers some of the most scenic views in the region. Road Biking is also a popular activity, especially with dramatic routes around the forest, offering panoramic views of the foliage and the mountains.

The Allegheny Trail is also a must, especially for hikers, consisting of 330 miles of marked paths that lead to some interesting attractions like the National Radio Astronomy Observatory, the Seneca State Forest, and the town of Cass. Cranberry Wilderness Area is easily one of the most diverse wilderness areas in the East, best known for its varied plant life and rich wildlife. The area supports a great variety of animal life including the white tailed deer, American black bear, grouse, wild turkey, snowshoe hare, and many other indigenous wildlife. If you want to discover more of the Monongahela National Forest West Virginia, check out great lodging options from WV Log Cabins, one of the leading providers of fully furnished and high quality accommodations in the area.

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