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Cabin Rentals In West Virginia

Cabin Rentals In West Virginia Almost heaven, West Virginia�

As the famous John Denver song goes, West Virginia is definitely a must-see place for tourists and travelers of all types. Cabin rentals in West Virginia are available for interested families or honeymooners. Cabin rentals in West Virginia are the most convenient way to spend your vacation in the state because they provide you with the much needed peace and quiet for your vacation.

 A bit of WV history

West Virginia belongs to the Border States and is located in the southernmost region of the US. West Virginia is bordered by the following states: Pennsylvania to the north; Ohio to the northwest; Kentucky to the west; Maryland to the northeast; and Virginia to the southeast.
One of the things that contributed to West Virginia�s popularity is that it is the only state that is within the renowned Appalachian Mountain Range, hence earning the nickname The Mountain State.

West Virginia is also known for its cool climate. During summer, spring, and autumn, West Virginia�s nature is in full bloom so you can expect breathtaking sites and sounds. Wintertime is also great because the entire state is blanketed by snow, making it a perfect place for skiing and other winter activities.

Sights and sounds

Some of the popular sights and sounds found in West Virginia include:
  • Spruce Knob. This national park houses WV�s highest peak and scenic mountain ranges. Spruce Knob was signed into a protective area in 1965 and has since become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the area.
  • Smoke Hole Canyon. This scenic canyon got its name from its misty atmosphere. Plus, legend also has it that Smoke Hole was once used by Native Americans to smoke and cook meat.
  • Potomac Eagle Railroad. A historic site, the Potomac Eagle Railroad allows you to ride the train and explore the sights and sounds of the surrounding area. The train passes by beautiful forests, lakes, and towns that let you immerse in the beauty of the state.

Rent a cabin

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