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Private Trophy Trout Fishing

Harman’s 1 ¾ miles of private access trophy trout steam provides anglers with the opportunity to fish for rainbow, brown trout, brook, tiger and golden trout.  Our stream is managed for trophy trout. Our management plan has developed with years of experience to provide a once in a life time trout fishing adventure.

Professional Fly Fishing Guides

Can be booked at our office in advance of your stay. Call 800-436-6254 for a guide.  We must schedule a guide.

Private Stream Trout Stocking

This stocking plan is our best intention. If water conditions, are either high or low, and do not support trout stocking, we will adjust our stocking schedule. Our stocking schedule can change without customer notification. We do our best to follow this schedule.

WV Trout Stocking Hatcheries

Size of Trout

We are stocking many large trout at Harman's. We plan to stock the following percentages of trout: 2 to 3 lb (60%), 1 to 1 ½ lb trout (30%)  and 4 to 6 lb trout (10%).  We stock over 6,000 lbs of trout during a year.

Winter Trout Fishing

  • December, January, February – We stock at least once a month.

Spring Trout Fishing

  • March, April & May - We stock at least twice a month.  March is the month we re-load the stream with very big trout. 
  • March 1st Week – During spring, our largest number of trout are stocked the 1st week.  This trout stocking is used to re-load the stream with large trout.

Summer Trout Fishing

  • Early Summer – The stream is stocked Memorial Day weekend or the first week of June.  This is the last stocking for the summer.
  • June - The first two weeks of June provide the best long day top water dry fishing.
  • Mid Summer – Harman’s does not stock from June 15 to August 15.  The high summer temperatures and lower water conditions are typically life threating to our trout.  We recommend early morning or late evening fishing only, as well as very quick release.  High temperatures and low water conditions from July 1 to August 15 can be deadly to many of the trout in our stream.
  • Late Summer - The stream can be stocked the last week of August if water conditions permit.  This stocking depends strictly on weather and water conditions.

Fall Trout Fishing

  • Early Fall – The stream is typically stocked Labor Day weekend or early September. September is a month that we load the stream with trout. We stock the most fish the early part of September. We re-load the stream with very big trout as soon as water volume permits.
  • September can be a low water month which may delay stocking.
  • October & November At the beginning of the month and mid month. 

Private Trophy Trout Stream Access

Our private trophy trout fishing is presently provided "free to our guest(s)". In the future a fee may be added for permits to section 1 or 2; or both.

This service is not guaranteed.  Bad water conditions, which can include very high or low water, can occur.  These water and weather conditions are considered "Acts of God". We do not provide refunds for bad water or weather conditions. The price of lodging is fair and reasonable for the lodging provided as a standalone fee.

Our stream access is restricted to only customers staying at the property.  Guests of customers may purchase a single day permit at the office. The stream access is managed as Catch & Release only with barbless hooks.

Harman's requires guests to wear a visible identification permit, so we can clearly identify our guests at the stream. These are provided at your cabin or are available at the office. The permit is provided to guests free of charge. In the future a fee may be necessary to obtain a permit.

Notice: A WV trout fishing license is required. We recommend purchasing it online before arrival.


Stream Identification Private Access 1 & 2

Private Access Area 1 This private access section begins at the entrance to Harman's and ends at the big rock cliff above log cabin #15. Both spinning tackle with artificial lures and fly rods are permitted on this section.

Private Access Area 2 This private access section begins above the rock cliff at cabin #15 to the upper riffle at the 3rd big hole. Both spinning tackle with artificial lures and fly rods are permitted. This may change without notice to fly fishing only or may be rented for a private executive retreat without notice.

Access to private access area 2 is via the road behind cabin #20 and #18.  This road may be traveled with a 4X4 vehicle.  Be aware, this road is to be used at you’re your own risk.  We use it to stock the upper property, so a 4X4 vehicle can easily use this road.  At the end of the road, fisherman can use hiking paths upstream to the 3rd big hole.  Much of my favorite water is on Section 2.

Links to River Gauges for stream levels

The web links to river gauges for all of West Virginia are listed below:

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